Monday, March 26, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Netherlands Maak de Smaak Contest

Lay's Netherlands is hosting their Maak de Smaak (Make the Taste) contest right now... Looks like there are some pretty cool flavors in the running. Spicy Reggae Chicken? That name alone is awesome. I'm having trouble translating some of the other flavors so if you know what they are please drop some knowledge on the comments section. You can click on the image above for a bigger version if you'd like to read them all more clearly.
In August 2012, 3 flavors will be released in stores (2 flavors voted for online and a 3rd chosen by judges as a "wildcard"). From there, the 3 flavors will be voted on and there will ultimately be 1 who is victorious. Can't wait to see what flavors end up being chosen! Update to come!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sabritas Mexico Adobadas

Here's my first bag of Mexican Sabritas chips. Totally had no idea what to expect from these but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. When I opened this bag I was SMACKED in the face with the smell of cumin. I FUGGIN HATE CUMIN. Do you hear me spice producers?? Cumin is disgusting!! So I kinda threw the bag at my mom and told her to try them first. When I looked back at her, half of the bag was gone. I wrestled it back at that point. Getting past the smell; I tried one. Note: I still do not know what "Adobadas" is but I think it's a Mexican dish or sauce or marinade.
Not sure, but these chips had everything. The seasoning was hearty tasting and tomato-y, but then it was sour. Unlike every other potato chip I've tasted so far, which are usually either savory or acidic; this seasoning has managed to capture both. It was like that perfect bite of Mexican food where you've managed to get tortilla and meat and sauce and lime all onto the same bite. I couldn't believe it. The cumin on these is not subtle though, so it loses points with me for that. Now we'll talk about the chip. It definitely has more Potato flavor than the US counterpart, and they aren't overfried to the point that they are bubbled and flakey. The strange part was they had the texture almost like baked Lay's and regular Lay's had a baby. They were all kind of flat and way crunchier. But, still, it was closer to the fried Lay's that we know. I will say that aesthetically, I didn't like that the chips had a lot of dark marks on them. I don't know where those spots came from, but they looked like burns or poor quality potatoes... looks wise, but the taste was killer, and that is really the key.
So I recommend these. At least try them once... but get the authentic ones from across the border, because they do make this flavor for Latin communities under the US smiley face Sabritas brand. (Authentic ones will say "Hecho en Mexico" on the back.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Walkers What's This Flavour? Mystery Flavours Revealed!

Alright kids, time to hear what yummyness we've been missing across the pond!
Mystery A, or the cheese flavor, ended up being Sour Cream and Spring Onion. They don't offer that flavor regularly in the UK but over here in the USA it's a staple, so we're not missing out on anything too novel.
Mystery B, aka the meat flavor, was revealed to be Lincolnshire Sausage and Brown Sauce, which sounds HELLA British. I don't know what "brown sauce" constitutes... or what the difference is between Lincolnshire and any other Sausage... but I def want to try this one if I have a chance.
Mystery C, what is known as the Indian flavor, ended up being Birmingham Chicken Balti. I tried to google it and that seems to be a curry of some sort, but I really don't know what this is. I guessed Chicken though when I tried this bag, so Ima pat myself on the shoulder lol.

This was a fun little competition.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Walkers UK What's This Flavour? Mystery Flavour C

Well kids, I was able to track down at least one of these Mystery Flavor Walkers! Here is Mystery Flavour C. Around the net had already given up that this was possibly a curry flavor, and as soon as the bag was opened I breathed in "Indian food" smell. Listen, I live in Southern California, and as much as this place is a melting pot, Indian food is just NOT something you can get here. I've eaten very little Indian food in my life. So, right off the bat, I am poorly qualified to tell you what flavor this bag is. Here is what I can tell you, right away my friend and I both called out Chicken dishes. I said some sort of Butter chicken, and he called out Tandori. The spice mix was vibrant, sweet, and hearty. Very complex for a chip seasoning. It has a nice, super subtle, low and bright heat. Aside from that I can't say more.
All in all, a fun bag. Has everything you love from Walkers; excellent potatoes and even, delicate spicing. If you like Indian food it will be something you're bound to love. Tonight is the last chance to submit your guess to Walkers to win the 50,000 Euro prize... so I will update this post soon with what the flavor actually is. I hope I'm close!

UPDATE: This flavor was.... "Birmingham Chicken Balti"! I have no idea what that is but YAYY! for me! I got the Chicken part right! Suckas!

Gotta Get At This: Margarita Tradiciones

YAY. New chips!! Looks like Margarita from Colombia has just launched a new line called "Tradiciones". They are advertising the line as crunchier than the typical chip and that the chips will be made with the potato skins on. MMM my favorite part is def the skin, so this should be a fun new line. "Tradiciones" means "Traditions" in English, and the line is being advertised with the tagline "El Sabor que revive Buenos Momentos"... essentially "The flavor that revives good moments (or memories)". They look like they may be Kettle cooked, but I can't be sure based on the website. There are 3 flavors in the line "Con Toque de Sal" or "a touch of Salt", "Con Toque de Ajo" or "a touch of Garlic", and "Con Sazón Casera" which is "home-style seasonings".
(Note that on youtube there is a 90's ad for homestyle/Casera chips from Margarita... so this flavor may be a re-release. ). I am SOO down to try the Garlic flavored ones and in fact the whole line sounds yummy. I don't know if these are permanent editions or limited, but if you have a hookup in South America, try and track em down :))