Monday, June 18, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Peruanisimas Brasa y Tradicion

Here's a bag that's been out since April but I wasn't sure if it was new until I read it on Twitter. It's from Lay's Peru's "Peruanisimas" line of chips made from 100% Peruvian potatoes. The flavors in this line are usually produced by famed Peruvian chefs and are based on traditional Peruvian meals. This particular bag is flavored "Brasa y Tradicion" and is based on the famed Pollo a la Brasa meal (or Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken in English). The dish combines a Peruvian spiced  Roast Chicken with thick-cut crispy french fries... which means the flavors probably convert to an amazing bag of chips.
It's cool to see a range of chips that specifically focus a nation's food history, especially for an outsider to a culture looking for a crash course in what makes that regional cuisine unique.
The rest of the line includes flavors like: Sazón Norteña (Northern Seasonings... based on a rice with duck dish), Pasión al Carbón (Passion on the Grill... based on Creole spiced grilled Beef skewers), Andinas (which are made from Purple and Yellow Marbled potatoes from the Andes Mountains with Salt), and a secondary line of basic seasonings (Salt, Rocoto Pepper, and Native Pepper) on Yellow Peruvian potatoes.
Track them down if you're looking for a taste of Peru like I am!!