Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lay's USA Korean Barbecue

HEY GUYS! Here's another late review! You can't get these anymore BUT REALLY, I'm doing you a flavor by procrastinating, because these were mediocre at best.

To begin with "Korean Barbecue" tastes like HELLA Molasses Barbecue. It also could have been labeled Chicken Satay and we all woulda been fooled. It's tasty for sure, but I wouldn't call it Korean Barbecue. It was just kind of a basic, overly sweet BBQ. The molasses stood out pretty strong, and looking at the ingredients list, molasses was pretty high up on the list.

The chip quality was basic af too. The chips were riddled with grease bubbles, burnt edges, and a transparent, flaky texture. The potato flavor was decent, but suffered due to the chip texture.

SO, what did you miss out on? Not much. Of all the flavors in the Flavor Swap promotion, I think the major standout was the Habanero flavor. The rest; Smoked Gouda, Olive Oil & Herb, and this one, were just uninteresting.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lay's Korea Classic

This tastes like plain salted Lay's yall!

I wish I could give this bag a solid review, but it is LEGIT the exact same thing as Lay's USA Classic.
That's a great thing though, as most other nations can't seem to get the basic Classic Salted flavoring right.
The potato quality is nothing to write home about, but they are far from bad.
I imagine that this bag is a welcome sight to a picky American eater traveling through Korea.

That's about it. Not too much to say.
No need to hunt this bag down, but if you need it in Korea, it'll be there for you. #LaysIsASecurityBlanket 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lay's Spain Mix Pizza & Queso

This is the bomb! Take me back to Spain RIGHT NOW so I can get another bag!!
This is a bag from the Lay's Mix range, it features 2 flavors in 1 bag. Half the bag is filled with Pizza flavor, the other half with Cheese flavor.
Before we discuss flavor, I have to talk about how awesome the texture is on these chips. I ate them at the same time I ate a bag of chips from Lay's USA. The difference in chip quality was ASTOUNDING. While USA has a ton of greasy air bubbles and a flaky, transparent texture, these Spanish chips were smooth and evenly cooked. The potato flavor is rich and stands out on it's own (& while Lay's USA has done much to improve the quality of their chips recently, it's still not even comparable to the flavor in a bag like this).
Now, there are 2 flavors in here; the Cheese flavor is strong and reminded me of Jarlsberg. The Pizza flavor was more like a Tomato & Herb flavor. BUT together, it was almost scary how much it tasted like Pizza. A really cheesy pizza. It reminded me of those days as a child when I just wanted to go to a Pizza Parlor, play video games, and shovel cheese pizza in my face.
I can't complain about a single thing in this bag. The chips are well cooked, have loads of flavor, the seasoning is spot on and tasty af.
I'm a big fan of this bag, so book your flight & go get them! I hear Barcelona has some nice sights, you can probably see some cool stuff too!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Boulder Canyon Pumpkin Pie

In the spirit of the season, today we've got a NON-LAY'S bag! Here is Boulder Canyon's "Pumpkin Pie" flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. This bag is CRAZY good! It tastes JUST LIKE Pumpkin Pie!
The cook on the chips is really nice, it's not that overly crunchy Kettle style, the texture is more like regular cooked chips. The seasoning is very reminiscent of these Cinnamon Sugar Cheetos Sweetos, or Lay's Cappuccino but with a Pumpkin Pie spice twist. Basically it tastes like real Pumpkin Pie with lots of Cinnamon.
There is a flaw to these chips though. While the seasoning is awesome, and the chips are well cooked, something is amiss between the 2. The seasoning seems to come off the chips really easily. When you're eating them, you basically get all the seasoning, and then it's gone, and all that's left is a plain un-seasoned potato flavor. It's actually kind of unpleasant. For me though, that was easily remedied by just shoving 18 more chips in my mouth before I was done chewing. The flavor is addictive, it just disappears quickly.
If you are a sweet chip fan like I am, or a Pumpkin Spice fan, you gotta seek these out. I picked these up at Cost Plus World Market in their Pumpkin Spice area. They are fun and unique in a world full of boring savory chip flavors.
 Happy Hunting Chip Fans!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lay's USA Flavor All Stars 2016

Lay's USA is running another promotion to end out 2016; this time it's the return of 3 popular flavors from the last 3 years of various promos known as the "Flavor All-Stars". The 3 returning flavors are "Wavy Truffle Fries" aka "Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries" from 2015's Regionally themed "Do Us a Flavor" competition, "Smoked Gouda & Chive" from this years "Flavor Swap" promotion, and my personal favorite "Chicken &Waffles" from 2013's "Do Us a Flavor" competition.

I've reviewed all 3 of these bags here: Truffle Fries, Smoked Gouda & Chive, Chicken & Waffles

I'm pretty keen to get a few bags of "Chicken & Waffles", I absolutely loved that flavor. What about you? Excited to see an old favorite return? Let us know in the comments section below!